Saturate UI License Types and License Agreements

When purchasing a product from our website, you will often have the option of choosing which type of license you would like to purchase. Please read the terms of each license type below, in order to understand which is required for your project.

Regular License

A regular license allows use on a single product/project/website that users are not charged to access.

Examples That Fit Regular License Requirements:

A lead collection or brochure style website. A free to access web application (with no paid option). An ecommerce website (that does not require payment for use of the site or member area itself).

Extended License

The extended license allows use on a single product/project/website that users are charged to access (such as a software as a service that requires a one time or recurring payment for a customer to join). This license does NOT entitle you to resell the product purchased, either as is or in a modified manner.

Examples That Fit Regular License Requirements:

A software as a service website where users pay a one time or recurring fee to access the service. A membership website that users pay to access the member's area.

General Terms Applying to All License Types:

You may:

  • You may use Saturate UI in accordance with the license type you have purchased above.
  • You may download files for the product you own a license for multiple times, provided you are not using it more than your license allows.

You may not:

  • You may not use Saturate UI for the purpose of building a website or web application that could be considered illegal.
  • You may not share your account information or files downloaded from our Site with any third party. (We track IP address and other information of files downloaded. If we believe that you have breached our terms of service or license agreement, we may terminate your account.)
  • You may not distribute, copy, reverse engineer, resell, or otherwise tamper with or reproduce Saturate UI products.

Saturate UI includes source code from multiple open source frameworks and plugins. We are not restricting your use of or claiming authorship of those third party open source software. Examples of these frameworks and plugins included are the Bootstrap framework and jQuery framework.

If you are unsure about which license is required for your needs, please contact support.