Get Support for Saturate UI

Where is the documentation for Saturate UI?

Comprehensive and ever improving documentation for Saturate UI (app UI and frontend) is included in your download package as README-UI.html and README-FRONTEND.html.

How can I reach support?

Simply send an email with any questions you have to us at [email protected].

Please make sure to include your License Purchase Token in your email. Your License Purchase Token can be found on your account sidebar below your name and email. It will also be helpful to include a link to a hosted example of the code you need support for.

What is included in support service for Saturate UI?

We are happy to help you regarding any questions about Saturate UI. If you want to better understand where to find styles for a certain element or app view, or if a component can be safely removed or adjusted without breaking layout, we are happy to help! Questions related to teaching you HTML/CSS/Javascript are not included in the scope of support, and support cannot help customize or build your interface for you.

Email Us

If you have a feature request for a future update or believe you have found a bug, please do let us know!

If possible, please include a link to a hosted example of the code that you need support for.
Our typical response time is within one business day.