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Saturate UI Extended License

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The extended license allows you to use Saturate UI on a single project that users are charged to access (such as a software as a service or membership site that requires a one time or recurring payment for a customer to join).

Saturate UI v1.3 Features Saturate UI Web App Admin Theme Screenshots Preview Saturate UI and Saturate Frontend

What if you could build your next web application faster and with a better user experience than your potential competitors?

Thousands of hours of work and thousands of git commits - combining all of the UI elements that we’ve been building for years as a web application and product design studio, the Saturate UI theme framework is here.

Saturate UI is the most complete and flexible package for building your web app. With over 106 unique page designs, including comprehensive 37 page frontend, it has every type of view and interface element you need to build an amazing web application. The frame work has been crafted with modularized code so you can easily include only what you need without any added bloat by choosing from the over 60 Sass/CSS partials.

We built this web application theme framework to be fast for developers to work with. We have used it in our own projects for our clients for years now and have carefully dialed in an extremely organized codebase.

2 Templates in One - A Complete Frontend Theme Included Free

In addition to the Saturate Webapp UI, the Saturate Frontend Theme is included with separate stylesheets and javascript files to help you create your static website frontend to sell your web application/service with 37 pre-built page designs and many flexible container styling options to make it easy to create your own layouts. Also built with Bootstrap for HTML and CSS classes that you are already familiar with.

Hundreds of Thousands of Users have used apps built with Saturate

This framework has been used by our studio since 2011 - by hundreds of thousands of users across various web applications and mobile web apps.

Easy to Master, with Comprehensive Documentation

Comprehensive Documentation - Part of the benefit of using Saturate is the speed it will bring to your workflow and development process, that is why we’ve taken care to build detailed documentation over 7000 words long in an easy to navigate, responsive documentation template!

Are you a startup that wants to build a great web app on a budget?

Are you an established business that wants to overhaul an existing UI or build a new app quickly on a proven framework?

Are you a developer that wants to be able to deliver robust interfaces to clients in less time?

Buy a Saturate license for each of your projects.


  1. Everything you need, nothing you don’t. We purposely include what we believe to be the best and most flexible options in our choice of plugins. Easily include only the plugins and styles needed for your specific project.
  2. More than 106 unique pages! Carefully designed for real use case interactions and situations.
  3. A complete website frontend and landing page 37 pages! (A $20 value on its own) Vibrant Coming Soon Page also included Free (Sold on themeforest for $7, included Free)
  4. 20+ Application Views - We’ve built specific, functional and responsive interfaces for the most common web applications.
  5. Included Sass and compiled CSS files. Over 60 Sass file modules so you can easily choose to include only the pieces you need in your web app.
  6. 8 Color Schemes - Easily create your own in seconds by changing a couple Sass Variables
  7. Light and Dark Sidebar - Choose from light or dark sidebar options
  8. Built with Bootstrap so you can use the same column and form classes you are used to.
  9. Extremely Fast and Lightweight! - Under 400kb on page load with bootstrap + all plugins included after minify+gzip
  10. Comprehensive Documentation - Part of the benefit of using Saturate is the speed it will bring to your workflow and development process, that is why we’ve taken care to build detailed documentation over 7000 words long, in an easy to navigate, responsive documentation template!
  11. RTL Support - Right to left language support and many sidebar options.
  12. HTTPS Ready - Webapps and the modern web use HTTPS and Saturate UI is prepared so you do not have to worry about fixing mixed content errors.

Free Upgrades:

We will be releasing feature updates to Saturate about every 2 weeks, free of charge. Purchase the Saturate web application theme and get free updates each time they are released.

Feature List:

  • 5 Dashboards
    • Combination Dash, Analytic Dash, Ecommerce Dash, Widget Dash, Combination Dash 2
  • App Views
    • Project Management View
    • Chat / Instant Message View
    • Todo List View
    • Travel App Map Search List View (Google Maps, Date Range Picker and Price Range Slider)
    • Travel App Detail Listing View
    • Agile Board View (sortable columns and task modals)
    • Text Document Editor (WYSIWYG editor, Sortable document list, Collapsible Folders, Collapsible Document Sidebar, Image Display)
    • Voting App List and Detail View (Interactive vote buttons, Flash Message Alerts, Detailed Post View, Like button toggles, Comment Area)
    • Invoice App View
    • Modern List/Detail Email App View (Toggle Star buttons, Checkboxes, Selected style, Filter Buttons, New Message Compose Modal with custom WYSIWYG style, Thread Message Count Labels)
    • Traditional Email View (List and Detail Views, Toggle Star Buttons, Read/Unread Styling, Reply/New Message Modal)
    • Weather App View (Integrated functional Weather API and Google maps to display real city temperature, wind, humidity, pressure and weather icon for current forecast. Google Map Display, Optional 5 day forecast display with low/high and weather icon)
    • Music Player App View (functional HTML5 audio player with track scrubber, volume, play/pause and previous/next buttons, plus shuffle and repeat function. Automatic track duration display and playlist display.)
    • CRM App View (Add Contact Modal, Contact Options Dropdown, Sortable Data Table [numeric or alphabetical sort by clicking column headers].)
    • Knowledgebase App View
    • File Manager App View (Collapsible multi-level folder tree, Animated Upload Button)
    • Code Editor App View (Syntax highlighting, Multiple custom syntax color schemes included, Live Code Preview, Toggle Live Preview Visibility. Commonly displayed with File Tree tab in left sidebar)
    • Calendar App View (Add events by double clicking, drag and drop events, multi-date select. Month, Week and Day display.)
  • Social Views
    • 2 User Profile Views
    • Newsfeed, Timeline, Messages, Comment Stream and Search Results Views (Animated Follow Buttons, Reply Modals, Comment Character Count, Like Button Toggles, Share Modals with Prebuilt AJAX Social Share Buttons, Slide-down Reply Fields, Multiple Post Styles)
  • Graphs and Charts
    • Chart.js, Flot and Custom Sparkline Charts (3 Views with many custom chart widgets. Animated Number Spinner Display, Date Range Picker. Simply change class to change style. Flexible to be used in any view at any size.)
  • Modal Templates
    • 12 Modal Template Views (Email Reply, Agile Card, Plan Upgrade Form, Create Contact, Profile, Social Share, AJAX Comment Modal, Reply Comment, Double Layered Modal Display, Alert Agreement, New Task, Fullscreen responsive image plus comment stream modal.)
  • UI Elements
    • Forms
      • Bootstrap Left Label, Top Label, Icon Label, Form State Styling
      • Realtime inline form validation JS and styling
      • Breadcrumbs, Pagination, Forward/Back Buttons, Labels
    • 1300+ Retina Webfoot Icons (FontAwesome, Weathericons, Ion Icons, and More)
    • Buttons
      • 43 Button Styles (Sizes, Colors, Animations, Icons, Rounded, Bootstrap Default, Flat)
    • Widgets
      • Google Maps (Pin Display, Simple Map, Styled Color Map, Pin Popover)
      • Music Player Widget (A compact version of the functional Music Player App to use in combination with another view or widget display)
      • Widgets (Widget mode for User Profile, Weather App with API integration, Sparkline Charts, Data Tables, Multi-level Collapsible File Tree, Date Range Picker, Price Range Slider, WYSIWYG Editor, Color Picker, Progress Bars)
      • Alerts (Alert demo, Static Alerts, Dismissible Alerts, Fade Out Flash Messages, Growl Style Notifications with multiple position options, Loading Alert, Help Block Styling)
      • Tables (Sortable Responsive Bootstrap Tables (click header columns), Sortable and Searchable Data Tables, Standard Bootstrap Tables)
      • Responsive Grid (Bootstrap Fluid Responsive Grid contained with optimal padding for every screen size and full width column grid option)
  • Layout Option Views
    • News/Blog, Content, Multiple Sidebar Options, Responsive Video View, Terms/Policy Styling
    • Right Side Navigation Sidebar
    • RTL Navigation Option and Styling
    • Multiple left and right sidebars and separate slide-out Mobile Sidebar
    • Blank Interface Frame (for easier creation of your new pages)
  • Account Views
    • Billing and Account Settings Views
  • 4 Responsive Email Templates
    • Tested templates for Order Email, Marketing Email, Welcome Email and Forgot Password Email
  • Login Page

  • Typography Preview View

  • Error Pages

  • Gallery View

  • 37 Page Saturate UI FRONTEND THEME
    • Vibrant Coming Soon Page (working AJAX MailChimp subscribe form) INCLUDED FREE - $7 Value
    • 37 Page Frontend Included Free A $20 Value
    • Separate Comprehensive Documentation for Frontend Theme with Separate CSS and JS. Only use it if you need a separate static landing page or website frontend.
    • 4 Homepage Layouts (With reusable classes to easily customize your own)
    • 5 Portfolio Pages, Sidebar Options, Team, Video, FAQ, Testimonials, 8 Blog Layouts, Widgets, Responsive Pricing Columns, Store Layout, Buttons, Contact with Styled Google Maps and Error Pages.


Coming in 1.5: - Drag and drop file upload plugin and styling
Coming Soon: - Full Dark Theme - A Ruby on Rails app version with theme integrated and functioning login system - Angular Version - Video Tutorials - Much More!

Do you have a feature request?

Let us know, and we will consider including it in the next update!

Release Notes:

v1.3 - June 6th, 2017

  • Bottom Content Gutter with Tabbed Content - Added a new bottom content gutter that can slide up from the UI in a fixed or floating drawer. Content inside can be optionally scrolled horizontally using a mousewheel. Tabs available for switching between multiple types of content with examples for music, charts, users, bookmarks and property listings included.
  • Sidebar Animation - Added an animated rotation to the sidebar toggle arrow during switch to narrow/expanded sidebar.
  • New Features Page - Added a page to help you easily keep track of what is new in your latest Saturate UI download. Available at new-features.html.
  • CSS Improvements - Minor tweaks to CSS to offer some visual improvements to existing views.
  • Javascript Sidebar Menu Fix - Fixed an issue where submenus would close when clicking a link to a new page within the same submenu.
  • Responsive Sidebar Menu Fix - Fixed a rare issue where the mobile sidebar layout could be broken when narrowing viewport after toggling desktop sidebar to narrow mode.

v1.2 - March 13th, 2017

  • Light Sidebar Theme - all sidebar UI elements now have an optional light theme.
  • Realtime JS Inline Form Validation - Preview realtime, inline JS form validation on the UI Elements view.

v1.1 - February 22nd, 2017

  • Javascript Optimizations - Cleaned up and improved performance of Javascript in application.js and site.js of both web app and frontend UI.

v1.0 - February 20th, 2017

  • Saturate is finally here after years of work and 1000s of code commits

Note: Example profile portrait photos shown in live preview are not included in license or download package. Saturate UI is a design and frontend interface framework. It is not a fully functional application.

License Help
  • Support and updates are included free.
  • You will be able to download this product immediately after your purchase is complete.
Version v1.3
Bootstrap v3.3.x
Compatibility IE10+, Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Opera
File Types Included HTML, CSS, JS, Sass, Images, Webfonts, HTML Partials and Documentation
Sass Files? Yes + Compiled CSS

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